Kimberlyann Storz-DeAngelo is a writer of remarkable spiritual depth and insight. In spite of numerous health issues and traumatic events, she's lived a rich, full life as one divinely blessed with an intimate mystical experience of dancing empathically on the heart strings of Jesus. She has been gifted to hear His voice to receive knowledge and understanding that walk outside of logic and break through all boundaries, and has come to understand her soul purpose is to share the messages gained. Messages of healing humanity's relationship with humanity, relationship with Lord of Love and relationship with self. She has been given to see the "removal of the veil" between ourselves and God within, as well as between ourselves and each other as the path toward recognizing our self in all other and all other in self, where we come to live Love empathically and be the means toward lifting of oppression. 

Samuel Zimmerman is a highly talented visual artist whose life was transformed by God through opportunity to witness the authenticity of Kim's experience of Divine mystical union with Jesus, and through the profound messages of healing and Wisdom she was blessed with. In his desire to help others receive hope, transformation and blessing, he was moved to teach himself computer and literary skills in order to compile ...and Drink the Liquid Sound of Wisdom... and Tender Mercies, and introduce Kim's story.

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