Although we are so blessed to have tasted Jesus' words and laid our face upon His feet, our purpose does not condemn the religious beliefs of others, nor do we condemn the experience of the other. We simply embrace living by FAITH―BELIEF IN THE LOVE OF GOD OF AND FOR EACH AND EVERY CREATURE. In this embrace we experience the "removal of the veil", which through human misunderstanding and interpretation, we have imposed on ourselves and on our God. Once the veil is lifted, we truly see that God and we are ONE. We see God so well in all that we are able to see ourselves in other and other in ourselves. We welcome all with open arms, open hearts. We listen with all of our presence, so we may render safety for the experience of further lifting of veils. We recognize this lifting of the veil as the truest path toward the lifting of oppression. We embrace Christ as God in flesh, who came to heal oppression through His messages and impartial Love and forgiveness. We are blessed by Mother Mary's fortitude and expression of selfless love. We recognize "the Kingdom is within" with terrific gratitude, which brings healthy humility. And we honor "love your neighbor as yourself", and forgiving as Christ forgives, as the meaning of living Grace. Removal of our own veil to fully accept God within awakens our heart and clears our vision to see how loved we are; that God within is our first and closest neighbor. Once fully embraced, this Love cannot help but be shared. From here we support each other in living out these most important words spoken through Christ. From here we support each other in living by FAITH―again, "In asking you to know Me, I am asking you believe in My Love of and for you. This is faith in Me."


...and Drink the Liquid Sound of Wisdom...



Purposes and Functions of Outreach



1 Faith is believing in God's Love of and for us.


2 That we are worthy. That is why Jesus came.


3 Simplicity.


4 Oppression is lifted when we recognize we place a veil between God and ourselves―removal of this veil is to believe in our worthiness of God's Love and understanding and that living from here is to live in Grace. For we understand God is trying to help us forgive ourselves and each other.



Main Areas of Concern and Outreach



Those struggling with and arguing over faith.


Break down judgmental legalisms.


The intention, beauty and meaning of intercession.


Message is multilevel, but simple at its core of Love and mercy. Focus on Love rather than focus on sin, so to break the grip of sin.


The truth about what empathic living and empathically walking with Jesus means.


Seek to work with organizations involved in the healing of rape, abandonment and abuse.


Seek to participate in healing culture of vanity.


Seek organizations that are involved in the healing of psychological/emotional wounds due to religious harm and oppression.


To offer hope, understanding or connection to any who feel alone or isolated in their circumstances.


Those seeking to heal the true message of Christ's Heart, how He understands, wants friendship, not competition, not false imitation.

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