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...and Drink the Liquid Sound of Wisdom... reviews

"A devotional poetry collection with a surprisingly refreshing voice.


DeAngelo’s collection of poems, prayers and meditations is not a book about how “spiritual” she is. Rather, it’s an ongoing exploration of faith in its purest, most desperate sense—reaching for something larger that must be there, even when there’s little evidence to support it. The poems span years of DeAngelo’s life, many of which were spent struggling with extraordinary physical and emotional trauma in the form of chronic illness, serious accidents, rape, divorce and more. The resulting poems are rarely ecstatic or even praise-heavy; many grapple directly with the “dark night of the soul,” seeking a greater truth in the face of confusion, doubt and conflict. Few of the poems rely on rhyme, and even fewer follow standard poetic forms, but throughout the collection, DeAngelo demonstrates a keen understanding of the rhythm and flow of language, as well as how its construction and placement on the page can contribute to and enhance meaning by focusing attention on certain words, phrases or expressions. Many of the written prayers follow the traditional format of a prose poem, preserving a sentence’s full structure while adopting poetic line and stanza breaks. These and the more condensed pieces share an ear for language, an eye for structure and a feel for language that cuts vividly to the core of the matter. The collection as a whole gives readers the sense that both it and the faith it expresses are works in progress, if not living beings in and of themselves. It’s a collection not only to savor, but to return to.


A nuanced exploration of faith with a clear sense of poetics."



"Kim, your book is so beautiful! I love the poem where you talk about GOD not being Black and White but shades of gray! I totally agree, and there are so many out there who would benefit from reading that poem! It is so true! You strive so much for spiritual awareness and perfection, but you are right in your perspective! We are always growing, learning, and seeking truth. And I do believe that is how GOD wants it! Love your book!"


Veronica Kegel-Giglio

novelist, poet and educator


...and Drink the Liquid Sound of Wisdom... cries, despairs, sings, dances, prays and pants. It is dialogue of the soul. It is wanting less while needing more, finding more while needing less. It is responsible and irresponsible. It breaks through boundaries and absolutes as it shows reality in spirit and possibility in miracle. The pages are deep, profound and thought provoking, while they invite one to experience the walk of empathy, mercy, forgiveness and duality in all―good, bad, ugly―to come to compassion for all―good, bad, ugly.


This is not a book of self-help, nor philosophy. It is a journey that expresses transformation, but does not end in transformation, for it does not end...

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"I am one of the lucky ones who has sat in Kimberlyann DeAngelo's loving presence for many hours. She carries a deep wisdom, love and compassion for humanity. Take the time to digest and marinate in her words and the profundity underlying them."


Dr. Jonathan Cohen

psychologist, PHD, MS,

leader emeritus in the Mankind Project

Tender Mercies is a powerful, intimate communion with Divine Love by Kimberlyann DeAngelo, author of ...and Drink the Liquid Sound of Wisdom... which Kirkus Reviews calls, “A devotional poetry collection with a surprisingly refreshing voice.” and “The collection as a whole gives readers the sense that both it and the faith it expresses are works in progress, if not living beings in and of themselves. It's a collection not only to savor, but to return to.” What distinguishes DeAngelo in the world of contemporary Christian authors is that she is not writing about a subject she's studied for years or telling stories that illustrate Biblical principals. There is no sense of detachment from the author to her subject. One experiences these writings on a deeply emotional and personal level as though she were carrying the cross along with Christ. Never judgmental or critical of other faiths or perspectives, rather, these insights reveal Jesus' heart in His mercy, grace, understanding and empathy with the human condition in all its conflict, doubt, suffering and longing for Divine connection and re-connection. This life-long dialogue with God, both ecstatic and at times debilitating, has defined who she is and how she interacts with others. It is something she shares in the hope they may find healing, comfort and connection in their own hearts.


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