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We offer the distinctly refreshing, spiritually liberating writings of author Kimberlyann DeAngelo as well as a variety of unique and beautiful gifts. Click the links below for her first book, ...and Drink the Liquid Sound of Wisdom..., and our One Heart Abbey shop at Zazzle. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.


The Sisters and Brothers of Listening embrace living by faith―belief in the Love of and for each and every creature, and giving one's life as prayer in the hope of sharing Christ's messages of love, forgiveness and acceptance with humility.

...and Drink the Liquid Sound of Wisdom...  by Kimberlyann DeAngelo ...and Drink the Liquid Sound of Wisdom... (second edition) by Kimberlyann DeAngelo

...and Drink the Liquid Sound of Wisdom... cries, despairs, sings, dances, prays and pants. It is dialogue of the soul. It is wanting less while needing more, finding more while needing less. It is responsible and irresponsible. It breaks through boundaries and absolutes as it shows reality in spirit and possibility in miracle. The pages are deep, profound and thought provoking, while they invite one to experience the walk of empathy, mercy, forgiveness and duality in all―good, bad, ugly―to come to compassion for all―good, bad, ugly.


This is not a book of self-help, nor philosophy. It is a journey that expresses transformation, but does not end in transformation, for it does not end...

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What People Are Saying About ...and Drink the Liquid Sound of Wisdom...

"A devotional poetry collection with a surprisingly refreshing voice." "A nuanced exploration of faith with a clear sense of poetics." "It's a collection not only to savor, but to return to."



"Kim, your book is so beautiful! I love the poem where you talk about GOD not being Black and White but shades of gray! I totally agree, and there are so many out there who would benefit from reading that poem! It is so true! You strive so much for spiritual awareness and perfection, but you are right in your perspective! We are always growing, learning, and seeking truth. And I do believe that is how GOD wants it! Love your book!" 

Veronica Kegel-Giglio novelist, poet and educator

           God is in the living,

          not in the credentials.

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